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miniMAX prepared some own products which are folllowing

  •  miniMAX Hospital Management Information System
  •  miniMAX School Management System
  •  miniMAX Municipal Complaint Management System
  •  miniMAX BOT Development
  • miniMAX Field Engineering Fault Resolution and Updating System (FEFRUS)
  • miniMAX Job Portal


Hospitals are the essential part of our lives, providing best medical facilities to people suffering from various ailments, it is necessary for the hospitals to keep track of its day-to-day activities that keep the hospital running smoothly & successfully.
This Product overcomes all complications. The system also provides excellent security of data at every level of user-system interaction and also provides robust & reliable storage and backup facilities.
miniMAX recognizes the problems which Hospitals are facing to maintain their system. Our product miniMAX Hospital Management Information System(MHMIS) provides complete
solution to all Health Care Categories. We provide cost-effective solution and Customers can modify the features as per their needs.
Features can be integrated with Mobile Application and Management can see reports and update on Mobile as well on Real Time. Patients can take appointments through Mobile App. Moreover you may include features as per your needs.

Features List:

  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Blood Bank
  • Radiology
  • Housekeeping
  • Physiotherapy
  • Food Service
  • Administration
  • Reception
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Billing
  • Warehouse
  • Finance

Benefits of Hospital Management Information System:

· The self-sufficient automatic hospital management system is a well-known way to provide reliable, cost-effective, and efficient services to your patients.

· Through the system you would be able to achieve good quality rating. By sending and receiving reports and prescription electronically your hospital you will get high preference over others.

· By this you can generate more and more revenue. Automated hospital management system that is tailored as per the business requirements can solve the purpose effectively. It offers fast and accurate transactional and management reports that give an instant feel of how the business is doing.

· As managing hospital is a crucial thing where there is no scope for errors. A manual system can’t assure foolproof and 100% accurate processing. So you can avoid errors and track every single detail.

· The operational and clinical decision-making process will become fast, accurate, and efficient. With an easy, single view availability of data points, doctors, and medical support staff gets facilitated.

· A full-fledged hospital management system keeps every bit of information secure from unauthorized access. However, it is equally important that you implement a state-of-the-art system with centralized controls and not a standalone home-grown system. When everything is handled by an access-controlled system where availability of information depends on user rights, there is no possibility of error.

· Through this new-age hospital management system, your hospital gets established as a techno-savvy and modern medical center. It is highly important in the fiercely competitive modern world that your hospital has a good reputation.

· Today, people rely on computerized systems more than manual ones. It creates a high level of trust in the systems and processes. Also, it is possible to maintain connectivity with patients and peripheral systems if the operations are managed using automated systems.


miniMAX prepares Education Management System of all sizes and for those educational Institutions which have number of branches.
Education Management System provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of your institution. It is highly integrated, user friendly which helps in providing various effective tools. This software has been designed in order to meet the needs and wants of all the departments of the school.
Parents can see all necessary information of their Children i.e. Attendance, Results, Courses, Syllabus on their Cell phone through Mobile Application. You can modify features as per your requirements.

We are offering numerous Features:

  • Student Admission
  • Employee/Teacher Login
  • Student/Parent Login
  • Student Information
  • Courses and Batches
  • Finance
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Library
  • Student Attendance
  • Custom Student Remarks
  • Timetable

Benefits of School Management System

  • Examination
  • News Management
  • Time Table
  • Institute/Event Calendar
  • Messaging System
  • Report Center
  • SMS integration
  • Library
  • Inventory
  • Transport
  • Single software to manage all School-related information from anywhere in the School
  • Easy to use Reliable and secure software
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Complete Automation of operations
  • More Time to focus on Strategic Tasks
  • Better informed decision making for management
  • Multiple Campus Management
  • Scalable, Customizable and Supports Multiple Modules.
  • Reliable update on child’s attendance, progress reports, and student fee payment.
  • Manage class information and analytical reports
  • Freedom to browse through library books catalog and identify the book(s) to be issued

miniMAX Municipal Complaint Management System

  • The Municipal Compliant Management system(MCMS) is specially designed for the citizens so that they can register their complaints regarding their street, towns etc.
  • Through the Municipal complaint Management System (MCMS) citizens are able to submit their complaints they are facing during their travelling.
  • MCMS is a better way for the government to review all those broken areas which were hidden before.

By using MCMS citizens can place a complaint again and again until the government takes an action.

MCMS is consist of two portions:


MCMS Web Portal

MSCS Mobile App:

The app is totally design to help the citizens in submitting their complaints regarding the broken roads.The app is completely user friendly. Consist of easy and useable features.
Real time Complaining: Users can lodge their complains to government live posting pictures of the affected areas or by selecting the location through provided google map in the app.
Real time Updating: User can update his complaints anytime by posting new photos of the affected areas, by sending text again to the admin.
Two way communication: App makes the user able to communicate the operator anytime through text messages and can ask anything regarding the complaints.
User can come to a page where you can edit your complain by click on green button to add photos, comments description and feedbacks and User can get messages from the server or government regarding your complain.

MCMS Web Portal:

The web portal of Municipal complaint Management system is made to run the system by administration. The portal is so easy to understand and is so simple to use. The portal contains different stages and categories which make the system working and consumable.


Now BOT playing vital role for every Organization and business team are getting huge benefits from this. miniMAX Trading represents the best BOT developers of the world. If you know exactly what you want, submit your ideas and we can start building your BOT. If you need help coming up with your BOT strategy, Our Specialists can assist you. We give weekly updates on the project progress until it gets completed.

Below are some of the major industries where Chatbots have entered to change the customer experience extravagantly.

Below are some of the major industries where Chatbots have entered to change the customer experience extravagantly.

  • Chatbots in Restaurant and Retail Industries
  • News Bots
  • Bots in Pharmaceuticals
  • Bots in Manufacturing Companies
  • Chatbots in Hospitality and Travel
  • Chatbots in Health/Hospital Industry
  • Chatbots in E-Commerce
  • Chatbots in Financial Services

Some Key benefits of BOT Development are following:

  • Accessible anytime
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Handling Capacity
  • Flexible attribute
  • Cost Effective
  • Personal Assistant
  • Work Automation
  • Alternate sales platform


miniMAX FEFRUS, Field Engineering Fault Resolution and Updating System is a platform for
registering complaints against the timing and shifting issues assigned by the company to the
employees and then how field engineer resolved the issues and update the system through FEFRUS.

FEFRUS application main objective is to provide the recording and management of all maintenance jobs being taking place at the company deployed hardware around the country. FEFRUS allows entering any maintenance request, which then involved the related or assigned resources to get the task done. This application is widely used in Engineering Fields.

General Features

Maintain a safe and compliant workplace: FEFRUS is perfect to establish procedures, manage and track incidents which is happening in the city and bothering the citizens. Verifies and tracks compliance, manage documents and permits.

Manage people and processes: FEFRUS is perfect for scheduling labor force for mending and repairing the city. It boosts up the worker productivity and makes organized way to report to the  management. It also manages the vendors.

Control costs: FEFRUS contains and reduces maintenance costs, reduces parts and spares and
manages warranty costs.

Inspection Points: FEFRUS is able to inspect different areas of the city through its graphical
description so that the admin would get first-hand knowledge.

Security: The maintenance Connection security architecture employs 7 layers and modules to
accomplish a highly reliable, fine-grained multi-faceted security platform.

Field Force: MCMS also provides field force which goes out-door and resolves the issues of the

Web Portal Features:

Administrate the System: real-time monitoring of the field operation of each device connected directly.

Real time Monitoring of Field Force: all activities of field team capturing by the application.

Generate Reports: by tank, fluid type, driver, vehicle or category.

Dashboard: Key data is grouped together in this summary page.

Real Time Complaint Updating: Admin can update the field engineer SOW (scope of work) in case a new requirement is at the same field site.

Mobile App Features:

Attendance Management: through the app technician can mark his attendance automatically by timing in

Generate Reports: by submitting daily task photos and information.

Real time complaint updating: Technician can submit any complaints through the app to the admin.

Fault Details: Technician can see his task fault details in real time through which he can see the disturbance and problems accruing during the task.

Profile Maintenance: Through the app technician can update his profile change his personal details


miniMAX job portal ensures the right people avail the right opportunity. We offer innovation, high level technology and complete custom solutions. Through addressing the client’s requirements we deliver enhanced program.

Features of miniMAX Job Portal:

miniMAX job is a unique portal where  user would find all the facilities. The portal consists of 4 main parts that are:

➢ Job Portal Home Page
➢ Job Seeker Page
➢ Employer Page


Home page is main default page of the website. You’ll find four important sub
features here. Here you can search the  Job by location, by keyword and you
can search by both ones as well. If you  search the Job, application will show you the Job result in a list from here you can go to the Job posting company to see its profile as well as you can apply for that Job.


➢ Find the right job for you
➢ Job Categories
➢ Top Employers
➢ Hottest Jobs
➢ Most Recent Jobs

Here the user can make his account and can create his profile so that he can easily search for new jobs in the town or worldwide. This will help other companies to search him for concern jobs. It has following features.


➢ Dashboard
➢ My Profile
➢ My Resume
➢ Mail Box
miniMAX job portal is not restricted to job seekers panel only. It provides a complete and modified panel for employers also through which they can create their account and can post jobs and can search related candidates for the their jobs.


➢ Dashboard
➢ Posted Job
➢ Mail Box
➢ Setting
➢ Subscription
➢ CV Search
➢ Post A Job

What you’ll get while working with miniMAX:

➢ Advanced and user friendly features
➢ Appealing visibility with comfortable user interface
➢ Different method of payments (Rental basis, one-time charge, profit sharing etc)
➢ Easily customizable