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Stationary Items

miniMAX Trading wants to keep their customer relax, calm and tension free, so for that miniMAX Trading introduces office stationary items which are consumable, can be used regularly in offices by businesses and other organization, by individual involved in written communication, recordkeeping/ bookkeeping and for storage of supplies or data.

The Item ranges include:

* Wooden and plastic file holder
* Zipper file
* Box files
* Plastic files
* Calculators
* Staplers
* Ball point & pencils
* Dividers
* Notebooks, writing pads, post it notes and flags
* Envelopes of all sizes
* Desk accessories
* Markers , correction Pen and Highlighter
* Sundries (such as scissors, clips, glue sticks, pins, erasers, rubber bands etc)
* Packaging material (brown paper, tape and bubble wrap)
* electronic pencil sharper
* Diaries
* Punch Machines

Printing Paper

miniMAX Trading provides you best quality printing papers in a low cost and assures you that you will not never have to comprise on the quality. miniMAX Trading provides printing papers include both color papers and white papers.


miniMAX Trading is just introduced to entertain our clients with all the advanced and developed products. Our team of skilled and highly qualified engineers works on every aspect of information technology to facilitate you with betterment. Along with all these aims and mottos miniMAX Trading provides you electronic equipment like

* E1 Card
* Graphic Cards
* Adapters
* Patch Panel Cord
* Rack Mount
* Dump Terminal
* Telular